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Why choose Providence Builders?  When there are literally hundreds of local general contractors that can build my project, what’s so different about Providence Builders?
It’s a simple two part answer.
First the balance in which we conduct business provides maximum value to our clients.  Some contractors may be technically sound builders who know how, why, when and where every nut, bolt and nail goes.  While others others may be financially and business savvy, know how to stretch a budget to get the most out of the clients dollar.   But no one can bring both of those two aspects together at a value like Providence can.  Being highly skilled and experienced in both aspects of building without the need of numerous overhead escalating project managers, project engineers and superintendents aids Providence Builders in bringing an overall savings to the client.
Secondly, while other contractors treat their business simply as a means to put money in their pockets.  Providence treats our business not as a mere passion but as a lifestyle.  While the others, if given their druthers, would rather be in another profession, we’ve wanted to be in this business since we could swing a hammer.  While the others have major interests outside of work, whether that be cars, golf, horses, and the like.  Our major interests outside of building is building.  Every moment free from the job or family is about building.  Whether it’s remodeling the house, building a playset for the kids or creating this website, every chance we get it’s build, build, build.  We eat, sleep and live construction and it shows in our product.

What Makes Us Different

Low Overhead. Our diversification in a wide variety of work and streamline administrative process allows us to make your project cost effective. 

What We Demand.

High Expectations. Our elevated standards that we have in not only in ourselves but our subcontractors and suppliers is reflected in every aspect of our projects. When final completion is finally obtained, we strive for a zero punchlist, providing you with a fully functioning product ready for operations from day one.

What You Can Expect

Big Results. We have a history of identifying ways to reduce the costs while providing a quick turnaround and maintaining quality. We will utilize our twenty plus years of lessons learned from past projects on your project.

Contact: Mike Miller
President, Providence Builders


Mike Miller has two decades of construction experience in project management and superintending. Primarily focusing on commercial and industrial building, his projects range from building maintenance to small interior tenant improvements to multi-story ground up buildings, and multi-building developments, specifically including but not limited to, office, medical, medical office, warehouse, educational, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and Native American projects.  Mike founded Providence in 2005 to provide a more personal client focused approach to construction with the service and structure of a larger construction firm.  During his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and three children exploring Arizona and the Southwest, participating in youth sports, swimming, bowling and whenever he can, remodeling his own home and whittling away at personal projects in his garage.  





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