Safety is a promise to be aware and responsible.

Having worked in multiple different pricing options for JOC projects and always highlight the importance of safety. As a quality Arizona retail contractor we provide a robust sub safety program that underlines value.

Talented Subcontractors

Our talented subcontractors provide additional value and insight. While there is often little time for value engineering on fast-paced JOC projects, we typically add suggestions to decrease overall costs with the submission of the first proposal. Our suggestions are based on our professional experiences.


Providence prequalifies all of our subcontractors prior to allowing them to bid on all projects. We evaluate their experience, manpower, financial stability, and similar type projects to ensure that we have assembled the most qualified and responsible team of subcontractors for every project.


Competitive Bidding

Providence has had a strong presence in the Phoenix area for 11 years and Michael Miller, the company president, has been working with local subcontractors since 1997. Our relationships and ability to create the right subcontractor list for each project is what makes Providence successful.

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